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Oracle APEX – Permissions management

Usually we find in most systems we do for all our customers a range of modules that are common to all systems regardless of the business that drive the application.

Managing users, control access permissions … Such modules are becoming repetitive work by the developers, who must create again and again identical management modules for different systems.

From Oracle APEX World we are working on creating SCRIPT performing the creation of WS and an application with basic functionality implemented to serve as a base to build on it any kind of system. Regarding the user management is easy to realize the required fields for the tool to function properly … however, with respect to the management of permits should be building something so versatile that can be given the widest possible coverage.

A priori, modules do not seem too complicated to implement and repeat on each system, but we can reduce development time a couple of days thanks to the existence of such modules, we will achieve a reduction in customer cost impact which may encompass at certain times the difference between winning and losing a customer.

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