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Oracle APEX & Joomla


I think many of you may be interested in this article and in order that it can reach as many people as possible, I decided to write in English.

It is increasingly common for our customers demand the full integration of their data. On one side you have your website, on the other hand have their CRM, ERP another …

We recently encountered a case of a client who wanted to build a website, but needed to give the power of Oracle APEX to their customers (and he is enjoying in its CRM).

We considered the possibility of the complete design of the Web on Oracle APEX CSS changing all that were necessary and making a new template … but after several failed attempts, but in which the client was not completely satisfied, we said a friend of his had a website made ??with Joomla and asked if it would be possible to do something similar but with the power of integrated Oracle APEX … the answer is obvious!

The integration between both systems was very simple. Oracle APEX assemble pages on the Printer Friendly staff, with reports, forms, etc … needed by the client in each case. Later, thanks to the possibility of integrating Joomla provides a few pages into other, we made the call to our site from where it was necessary and READY!! Joomla got to have tightly integrated with Oracle APEX by direct access to the database and the speed and power it offers.

If anyone has any questions about it or need to go deeper into some of the aspects do not hesitate to contact us. We will soon have ready DEMOS our environment where you can check the operation of all the things we discussed in our POST.

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