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Oracle APEX vs. SAP

This POST is a brief reflection on the advantages and disadvantages of SAP and Oracle APEX, and the differences between both systems.


Maybe SAP is the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planing), better known in Spain. This product allows a single system in the complete management of all company departments, from finance and material control, to logistics and project management.


    • A large number of providers that perform developments and deployments of SAP.
    • A large number of users who know their operation.


    • Strict.
    • It forces change the business model based on system performance.
    • Difficult integration with other systems.
    • Unattractive visual interface for the user.
    • No web accessible natively.
    • High cost of implementation.
    • High cost of custom development.
    • High cost of licenses.
    • Limitations on use of information by the user.
    • Lack of documentation.
    • Need to support each of the modules.
    • The implementation requires integrated into the system actions and functionalities that may not be interested in our company.

Oracle APEX

Application that allows the development of web tools to measure the robustness and security of Oracle and the cost of a free software tool.


    • Flexible
    • 100% web access
    • Friendly visual interface
    • Development and implementation times very low
    • No licensing fees
    • Low cost custom development
    • System adapted to the business model of the company
    • High power operation of the data
    • Developments based on PLQSL (widely known)
    • Subscription, generating and sending reports natively
    • Simple adaptation of the external appearance
    • Sharing information with end users with high security
    • Formation is not required prior to the user, as the developments are adapted to the user and not vice versa.


    • Little known tool in the market

In the future I would like to make a POST to a bit more detail in that much depth this issue, since the selection of tools for business improvement is a very important issue that should not be treated in an arbitrary manner. A bad choice of a solution, it can mean huge losses for a company. At this point, I would emphasize that not a bad choice SAP or Oracle APEX is the best solution. Each case deserves a specific study for selection effectively.

I am keen to know your opinion on the subject, since it is an issue with the consultants believe that all we face every day in a multitude of clients and from my point of view, each of us will have an opinion as valid as the the rest.

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